The Meaning of Dreams, Anna Mancini


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This book is not a dream dictionary, it is much better. 
It gives you the key to the understanding of your unique dream language.
It teaches you a method you can use to understand how you dream, why you dream, why you have nightmares and how you can use the abilities 
of your dreaming brain to solve problems and improve your waking life. 
This book is completely different from other books about dreams because
it takes into account the energy side of life. 

For example, do you know that malfunctioning electrical appliances beside
your bed may cause terrible recurring nightmares? In this case why use useless
dream dictionaries or psychology, when you just need to remove these electrical
devices to get rid of your nightmares?

Author: Anna Mancini

Meaning of dreams

By Anna Mancini, Ph. D

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Maria Pita's review Jul 25, 09
Read in May, 2009

The description does not do this book justice. For more than ten years, Ms. Mancini has kept two journals, one in which she records all her dreams and one in which she lists the events of her daily life. What she has learned from this exercise is fascinating and offers invaluable insight into what we're all doing every night when we sleep and dream. Ms. Mancini invites us to observe the connection between our dreams and our day-to-day reality. She says, "With this method everyone, even the most skeptical person, can verify the existence of unusual faculties of the mind, and learn to develop and use them." 

I have been keeping a double dream-reality journal for only three weeks and already I can testify to the truth of of what she says. "Dreams are at the heart of a process where intangible and intangible worlds are intimately intermingled." 
The physical body is the transmitter and receiver of the information between the conscious mind and a much greater consciousness, or whatever you choose to call it. Ms. Mancini lists fascinating examples of how she learned to read her personal dream language and the relationship everything she learned had with the way she felt, in every sense, and with what actually happened to her in her waking life. She lists some of the beneficial results of dream-reality work, most of which I have already begun experiencing for myself. For example: 

*You can better understand your personal psychological problems amd therefore have more opportunities to resolve them and remove energy blocks; 
*You can learn how to better manage your energy, as dream-reality work shows how energy is lost and how it is gained; 
*You can better understand the people around you as you will get more information on them than you would through the conscious mind alone; 
*You will be able to diagnose, prevent or find a remedy to your health problems; or to help your doctor in this way; 
*You will be able to better find your way in life, as the dream-reality work provides you with more information on the past, present and valuable information on your future, immediate or remote; even when this future cannot be logically expected from your present life. 

There is nothing vague or "New Agey" (for lack of a better term) about Ms. Manicini's book. 
For me a truly great work is one that inspires me to think and helps me change my life for the better and "The Meaning of Dreams" has done just that. If you are seriously interested in exploring the mysterious power of your dreams, I highly recommend "The Meaning of Dreams." 

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