TRANSMUTATION, A Novel about Eternal Love, by Lydia Bisanti

About the Book

René Eagle is a financial wizard who, at age 39, has become chairman of a powerful financial institution.

René is a very aggressive and ambitious young man who does whatever it takes to control people around him,

requiring them all to do his bidding. He is married to Barbara, a well-bred woman whom he married when she

was 18 years old; he totally controls her, demanding that she accepts his infidelities and unconventional ways.

They have a five-year old child.

Everything seems to be perfect in his well-ordered life when a mysterious woman, Lucia, whose appearance

is a perfect female replica of his, appears and disrupts his well-planned existence. Strange things begin to happen

to him, and his reality is no longer real...

Author: Lydia Bisanti

Publisher: Buenos Books America

Transmutation, a Novel about Eternal Love

Transmutation, A Novel about 

Eternal Love, 

By Lydia Bisanti

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