International Patent Law is Obsolete,  Anna Mancini, Ph. D.

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Since it was developed mainly during the industrial revolution to protect material innovations, patent law cannot be applied to "intangible industrial inventions". Software for example is denied patentability due to its lack of materiality. Such a justification for this denial is economic nonsense, international patent law must be adapted to cover the emerging virtual world. This has not been done. Unsuited to modern innovation, international patent law has reached a period of decline. This decline is due to the fact that despite the existence of international agreements, States have now come to ignore the framework of the patent system (for software) and sometimes to adopt new international agreements (for semi-conductor chips). This book explains how we reached this situation, and how and why we should urgently modernize and rebalance the international patent system. 
Publisher's note: This book is an abridged version of the out print book: Proposals for a worldwide change of Patent law, published by Innovative Justice in 1994. It does not list all the case law now available on the issue of computer software. This can now be found in digital databases and no longer needs to be printed. 
This book brings thoughts that are still new in the legal establishement and points out how we could improve the international patent system.

Author: Anna Mancini

Patent law

116 pages, Price: 30 $

Publication date: 01/01/2006

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Anna Mancini, conférencière

Anna MANCINI, Ph. D, is a specialist in intellectual property laws and Internet law and has published several books on these subjects. She has worked with a patent firm in Paris and media companies in Brussesl and taught at university level. She is the founder of Innovative Justice, a Paris-based research organization on the modernization of law, created in 1994. 

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